Modern Architecture in Columbus, Indiana

Located south of Indianapolis, Columbus is “unexpected unforgettable.”

Columbus is one of the most walkable small cities I have been to in the United States. There are over 80 modern buildings, sculptures, and projects in Columbus. Among the gems is the Miller House designed by Eero Saarinen. The Columbus Visitors Center offers architecture several tours.

Dancing "C", Paul Rand

Dancing C by Paul Rand in Columbus, Indiana. Branding at its best. Architecturally inspired logo: bold interlocking "C’s" in primary colors. Salut.

Large Arch, Henry Moore. Bartholomew County Public Library, I.M Pei.

Large Arch is an abstract structure by Henry Moore. Located in the plaza outside the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, Large Arch is meant to represent the hips and legs whereas the space within the arch is the torso and head.

First Christian Church, Eliel Saarinen

First Christian Church [Eliel Saarinen]. The church is the first contemporary building in Columbus. The church and the bell tower are the iconic symbols of modern architecture in Columbus, Indiana. An entire city block is occupied by the building.

AT&T Switching Center, Paul Kennon

AT&T Switching Center [Paul Kennon, Design Architect]. The color-coded stacks are the building's heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. The blue stacks are for air intake, red is for exhaust, orange is for diesel intake, and yellow is for diesel exhaust.

Columbus City Hall, Edward Charles Bassett

The Columbus City Hall was designed by Edward Charles Bassett. The recessed main entrance to the building is placed at the midpoint of a hypotenuse. Two cantilevered brick walls extend towards each other but do not meet.

Veterans Memorial, Maryann Thompson & Charles Rose

Designed by Charles Rose, the Veterans Memorial sits adjacent to the Courthouse. The limestone pillars are 40-feet high and is a memorial to the veterans of twentieth-century wars.

Veterans Memorial, Maryann Thompson & Charles Rose

Engraved on the Veterans Memorial are excerpts from diaries and last letters home from Bartholomew County residents who gave their lives in war.

Bartholomew County Courthouse, Isaac Hodgson

View of the Bartholomew County courthouse. The courthouse was designed by Isaac Hodgson.

The Commons, Fred Koetter & Susie Kim

Designed by Koetter Kim, The Commons is a community center. Located inside is the Jean Tinguely sculpture, Chaos I, and an indoor playground. The venue is also used for lectures and performances, exhibitions and gala.

Eos, Dessa Kirk

Created by Dessa Kirk, Eos is the Greek goddess of dawn. The sculpture faces west as if Eos is rising with the sun from the east.

Cummins Corporate Office Building, Kevin Roche

Cummins Corporate Office Building [Kevin Roche]. Defining one of the green spaces for the building is the trellis.

Dan Kiley's signature allée of trees

Dan Kiley's signature allée of trees in Columbus, Indiana.

North Christian Church, Eero Saarinen

The North Christian Church is designed by Eliel Saarinen. The church is a hexagonal building and at the base of the spire is an oculus that provides light for the the main level of the building.

Miller House and Garden, Eero Saarinen

Commissioned to Eero Saarinen, the Miller House is one of the finest expressions of Modern Architecture. The composition of form and space is a testament to design and architecture at its best.

Miller House and Garden, Eero Saarinen

Dan Kiley designed the landscape as an extension of the Miller House. An allée of trees runs along the side of the house

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