Quadracci Pavilion: As Design Transforms

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Quadracci Pavilion integrates craftsmanship and technology with design that transforms.

As a post-modern structure, the location and design of the Quadracci Pavilion seems to echo the voice of Lake Michigan with its waves, sailboats, weather, and more. Architectural vision coupled with engineering makes Quadracci Pavilion a showcase of geometry, motion, and change.

Windhover Hall

The windows of the Windhover Hall reaches out into the harbor. With a 90-foot ceiling, the hall evokes a feeling of floating over the harbor. The Milwaukee Art Museum describes the Windhover Halls as "Santiago Calatrava’s postmodern interpretation of a Gothic Cathedral, complete with flying buttresses, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and a central nave topped by a 90-foot-high glass roof."

Art and Architecture

Santiago Calatrava used white as a color for the Quadracci Pavilion, repeats lines and frames, with organic curving structures that create a connection between art and architecture.

View of Lake Michigan

Calatrava's designs are inspired by nature with organic forms that allows for future expansion.

Burke Brise Soleil

The Brise Soleil has louvers that open and close like the wings of a great bird.

Burke Brise Soleil

The Brise Soleil is made 36 interconnected fins each, which span approximately 217 feet and weighs 90 tons. If wind speed reaches 23 mph for three seconds at a stretch, sensors initiate the closing of the wings.

Quadracci Pavilion

With a reinforced concrete structural system, the concrete arch elements transfers structural load to the foundation wall and center beam of the Quadracci Pavilion. The concrete has a white coating that gives it a uniform white color and is also useful to withstand the cold and high heat or humid conditions.

Quadracci Pavilion

One of the most striking features is the moveable sun screen— brise soleil—that functions to monitor light and comfort levels within the building. The brise soleil is made up of 72 steel fins, ranges from 26 to 105 feet in length and weighs 90 tons.

Reiman Pedestrian Bridge

Spanning 230 feet across a major thoroughfare, the Reiman Pedestrian Bridge connects Milwaukee’s waterfront with the downtown. The bridge is one of the good spots to view the opening and closing of the wing-like sunscreens.

It's a bird; it's a sail.

Are they the wings of a bird or the sails of a boat? Perspective matters, depending on the viewing angle of the Burke Brise Soleil.

Quadracci Pavilion

Inclined at 47˚, the pivot line for the slats is based on the axis of a linear mast which is also parallel to the adjacent bridge mast.

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