Thank You

“The singer alone does not make a song, there has to be someone who hears.”
—Rabindranath Tagore, Broken Song

It wasn’t enough for me to share my travel experience stories on Pxley. It needed you as a part of this journey. Therefore, I’m grateful to you for having stopped by to read my stories.

As I bring the shutters down on Pxley, I want to take this opportunity to thank a few individuals:

Pxley would not have been possible without the care and support from Mohan and Dan. I remain indebted to you.

Thank you to those that:
• subscribed and motivated me to further explore and share my travel experiences;
• commented and shared my travel experience stories; and
• cheered me on to share a personal side of my otherwise private self.

I have been lucky and thankful to have had opportunities to pursue my travels. My wish for you is that you too can take time to travel and build memorable experiences. Life is short.

In his final years, my late father shared a lot of good advice. I once asked him if he could share just one, what would that be. He paused for a while, smiled, and exclaimed:

“Dance! Find a reason to be happy, and dance.”

I have several reasons to be happy and here’s what I’m dancing to: