Why Did I Start Pxley?

“What are you doing this summer?”, asked my late mother. I shrugged my shoulders as I finished my dinner. “Meh” wasn’t in my vocabulary as a teen who had just completed 10th grade. A few minutes later she handed me some money and said, “Go travel. You will learn a lot.”

Ma, I am forever indebted to you. “Bhutan: A Magical Journey” is in your honor.


As a child in elementary and middle school, my family traveled to distant locations in India every year. I remember:

  • being offered sugar cubes during teatime at the Rashtrapati Bhavan* and was awestruck that sugar came in cubes;
  • visiting the town of Vrindavan and falling terribly sick thereafter;
  • carrying my LP records in a shoulder bag and discussing with a flight attendant whether The Police were a punk or reggae band; and
  • riding a horse every evening in Shillong and being surprised how much better a horse fart smelled in comparison to human farts.

What Now?

Photo from Talakadu, Karnataka, in India

I have been lucky and thankful to have had opportunities to continue with my travels as an adult. However, as an introvert and a person of color, my travel experiences can be quite different. This has not been an impediment nor a negative aspect in any way or form. On the contrary, I have found ways and means to explore places from my point of view and Pxley is my way of sharing these travel experiences stories with you.

I hope you enjoy my Pxley travel experience stories. My hope is that you too can take time to travel and build memorable experiences. Time isn’t just to check items off a list. Life is short.

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*President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, then President of India, was a friend of my father. Our family was invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official presidential residence.