Is this a blog? Or is it a website? I’m not sure, but glad you stopped by on this corner of the internet.

Hi, I’m Munindra and I consider Pxley as a digital home to share my travel experience stories.

Talakadu, Karnataka, India

Most of the destinations I visit are planned in advance. I start out by surfing the web, reading books, watching videos, and relying on recommendations from family and friends. [Note: You may want to check out my Travel Tips and 10 Tips for Visiting U.S. National Parks.]

Not every destination I visit ends up as a story on Pxley for various reasons—limited time, no photos, will return someday, etc.

None of my Pxley stories are sponsored. They are my personal first-hand accounts.

Why Did I Start Pxley?

“What are you doing this summer?”, asked my late mother. I shrugged my shoulders as I finished my dinner. “Meh” wasn’t in my vocabulary as a teen who had just completed 10th grade. A few minutes later she handed me some money and said, “Go travel. You will learn a lot.”

Ma, I am forever indebted to you. “Bhutan: A Magical Journey” is in your honor.

I have been lucky and thankful to have had opportunities to pursue my travels as an adult. However, as an introvert and a person of color, my travel experiences can be quite different. This has not been an impediment nor a negative aspect in any way or form. On the contrary, I have found ways and means to explore places from my own point of view.


As a child in elementary and middle school, my family traveled to distant locations in India every year. I remember:

  • being offered sugar cubes during teatime at the Rashtrapati Bhavan* and was awestruck that sugar came in cubes;
  • visiting the town of Vrindavan and falling terribly sick thereafter;
  • carrying my LP records in a shoulder bag and discussing with a flight attendant whether The Police were a punk or reggae band; and
  • riding a horse every evening in Shillong and being surprised how much better a horse fart smelled in comparison to human farts.

*President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, then President of India, was a friend of my father. Our family was invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official presidential residence.

What I Do

I have led large enterprise-wide web architecture projects in addition to print and digital strategies that include mobile and social. I am well-versed in leading development, communication, and engagement plans that set strategy and best practices to increase engagement and positive consumer behavior. The following is an example of my strategy for learning within an organization:

What I’d Like To Do

Opportunities in the digital space excite me. My passion projects range from tech startups and services to blogs.

Having championed change management at a senior level, I’d like to combine my passion for travel with digital strategy. An opportunity to streamline access to State tourism resources would be an excellent challenge to take on.

For example, the following is a draft website concept with a toolkit—design thinking, robust architecture, open source. As you may know, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Sample of Explore Northeast website

One More Thing

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Once again, I hope you enjoy my travel experience stories. My wish for you is that you too can take time to travel and build memorable experiences. Life is short.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your time!